Wednesday 29 February 2012

Millstone Edge

This photo shows a long abandoned millstone. Over the years, the gritstone edges in Derbyshire have been an important source of stone for such uses as millstones and gateposts. The bulk of the quarrying took place along the hilltops above Hathersage, but the quarry at Millstone Edge was the biggest of them all. Work here began in medieval times and continued through to about one hundred years ago.

There is plenty of evidence of the workings, both in the remains left behind and on the rockface itself.

These are drill holes for the placing of the explosive charges used to blast away the rock face.

Now, it is a great place for climbing - but not for beginners. The routes here are hard!


  1. Didn't mention it on FB, but that 2nd shot just grabs me. The stone that's missing has left such an interesting pattern. Each time I see it, I see something different.

  2. I've visited Millstone Edge a couple of times and each time discover something different. Did you find Eagle Rock? Apparently the locals lads had to climb Eagle Rock before they could propose :-)

  3. I want the abandoned millstone in the first photo for my yard. Fabulous !
    The lime green wall with the drill holes, pink/red background, for the explosives is so interesting. Oh heck all the photos today at wonderful.

    cheers, parsnip