Thursday, 18 February 2010


Illness over, my younger son and I finally went to see Avatar! It was the first time for both of us in the city centre Showcase cinema. There is one much closer to home & with free parking, but the lure of the 3D was too great, so into town we went.

How many escalators?? The cinema begins on the third floor of the Westfield and continues upward from there. You don't have to look down, but...

It's certainly smart inside though! None of those lumpy bits in the seat backs where countless other bodies have wriggled, bounced and squirmed their way through films good, bad or indifferent. Nor were there the multitude of fizzy drink, sticky sweet or crushed popcorn stains. I know that a trip to the cinema isn't about the decor, but it is nice to come out from a film still feeling clean.

I'd heard a lot about Avatar. Not so much about the happenings, people have been very good about that, but more about the brilliance of the special effects and relative weakness of the storyline. I enjoyed it. The special effects were brilliant and the storyline was a little on the weak side; especially the more predictable elements (my son twice turned round to mutter "Told you!"), but overall we both gave it 8/10, which is pretty good for us. And it didn't feel like 3 hours. I suppose that speaks for itself.

Would I go and see it again? Maybe, but not just yet!

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