Thursday 25 February 2010

Patchwork reredos

Collins English Dictionary defines reredos as
a screen or wall decoration at the back of an altar, in the form of a hanging, tapestry, painting, or piece of metalwork or sculpture

This patchwork quilt was stitched specifically as the St Bride's reredos. It was made while we lived in Old Trafford (so sometime during the 90's), by a lass who originated from the Derbyshire town of Wirksworth, but who was, for a while, part of our church family.

The quilt forms a stunning focal point for the Worship Centre and is particularly special in that it is unique. It was designed to be representative of God's love in Jesus Christ for the area and people of Old Trafford. If you look carefully, the brightness of the cross can be seen shining through, while the small yellow squares along the bottom depict the windows of the terraces and towers of the local area. In the bottom left hand corner is a small picture which is, I am almost sure, our church.

I have always loved the vivid colour and composition and, being something of a non-starter where needles are concerned, admired the skill in being able to design and create something so beautiful.

P.S. The quilt can be seen in situ on yesterdays blog. The cross is far more distinct at distance.

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  1. Oh, that's lovely. You're right that the cross is more obvious at a distance but close up the colours and detail are stunning. It must be lovely to produce such an amazing piece of work and know that it helps people to worship.