Monday 1 February 2010


I've seen more snow this winter than for many a long year.

Of course I do realise that I am not unique in this respect, and I've been fascinated to hear lots of snow-stories remembered from days of youth. Snow and ice may cause havoc, but in many ways, the younger generation have missed out with our generally warmer, wetter winters.

I'm also well aware that winter is not over - by any stretch! February often has some ferocious weather to throw in our direction. It's too early to be complacent yet!

But, much as I have enjoyed the clear cold days, the blackbirds have long since stripped the bright red berries from my firethorn and I am missing the colours of my garden.

And then, this morning, there was a hint...

Snowdrops may not exactly be a blaze of colour, but I welcome them as a first sign that the garden is stirring and beginning to anticipate spring.

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