Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ground floor gallery

According to the Visitors Guide,

The 1853 Gallery is so named because that was the year the Victorian Mill was originally opened for manufacturing fabrics.

The Victorian Mill in question is that built by Sir Titus Salt close to the market town of Shipley in the West Riding of Yorkshire and alongside the waters of the River Aire. Now renovated, the ground floor is given over to the 1853 Gallery, which houses a permanent exhibition of works by the Bradford born artist David Hockney. http://www.davidhockney.com/

My first impression of the gallery was the airy feel of the large, high roofed room with its regimented rows of tall arched windows and beautiful stone tiled floor. The second was of colour. Many of Hockney's paintings are awash with colour and the vibrancy of the artwork gives a surprisingly modern feel to the historic building.

I'd be hard pushed to say what caught my eye the most, but I was drawn to this display of pottery; just one part of the much larger Burmantoft Pottery Exhibition.

There was something strangely satisfying about the combination of the pattern, colour, shape and size of the pieces, arranged in juxtaposition, which just made me want to look.


  1. You've been to Saltaire! Wish I'd known - we could have introduced ourselves - although actually I was away this weekend. But next time you come... Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. I did enjoy it, thank you. Yes, I was wondering if we might bump into each other at church. As you say, next time! I'd like to meet you.