Friday, 26 February 2010

Washed clean

Somewhere on the premises, most Anglican churches have a font for sprinkling babies with water. We all love to ooh and ahhh, irrespective of whether said baby chooses to smile benignly or scream with the full force of it's lungs. St Bride's too has a font; the pleasingly simple wooden stand, adorned with a flying dove.

But wait! There's something more! Look closely at the carpet in front of the font. I'll give you a clue...When they were very small, my boys liked to bounce on that particular bit of carpet because of the satisfyingly drum-like noise they could create. The 'new' Worship Centre was built complete with baptismal pit! I'm not going to be drawn on the old chestnut of infant v adult baptism, but it's certainly a different experience to watch a baby being dunked!

One thing more. You know how Anglicans so often like to sit at the back? Take a good look at the rows of chairs :)

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