Sunday, 21 February 2010

Evidence of things unseen

Best laid plans and all that! Woke up this morning, pulled back the curtain and... Ooo-er! We've gone all white again! Quick, grab the camera!

So... This is not Old Trafford. - Interlude!

The table is two inches deep (sorry I still think in 'old money'), but the smaller birds will have been able to grab a mouthful from the feeders. And underneath is evidence of someone else who has been searching for food. My garden is criss crossed with tracks. Some of them belong to the local moggies, but a goodly proportion are fox; out on his nocturnal wanderings.

Interesting to follow them when there is clear evidence of passage. There doesn't seem to be a corner which they haven't visited; testament to a whole life and busy-ness in the garden, which is mainly beyond my experience.

And all the while, the signs of spring are coming.


  1. is the substance of things hoped for...
    Heb 11v1 (KJV)

    I love this time when, despite sudden chills - it was barely above 0degC when my friends and I were working in my garage yesterday, there is evidence of activity..

    Things have happened, like footprints in snow, and you don't see the cause; suddenly something is there, a snowdrop or leaf bud which says... "this won't last"; or a friend who, by whatever means, says the same.

  2. MM thought provoking the footprints were not seen being made but you can see the evidence of them having having been made like God leving evidence of him him moving in our lives.

  3. Yh. We can see a lot of evidence of God at work, both in our own lives and wider. Often it is beyond our understanding and on the very edge of imagining. Job 38 & 39. Incomparable.