Monday 22 February 2010

Looking more closely

The snow is gone for the moment. More is forecast, maybe… perhaps… later! But, for now, all that remain are a few scattered patches of slightly grubby white.

I’m not sorry to see it go, but it does bring a whole new dimension to the garden so, as well as enjoying the overall effect of the world being blanketed, I looked more closely to see what I could spot in among all the white.

This little leaf is still hanging on tenaciously (Friday, 5 February 2010). Slightly more battered, but continuing to pay tribute to the gold of autumn; nature's stained glass.

The snowdrops are thrusting their heads up through the snow, almost as if each is shouting out “Oi! Look at me! It might have snowed today, but spring is still just around the corner!” It's definitely becoming more than only a hint. (Monday, 1 February 2010)

And, over by the fence, one small splash of bright red, signals a berry which the birds have missed.

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