Monday 8 February 2010

A brace of beautiful banners

After a week and a half of feeling flu-like, it is truly wonderful to regain a bit of energy, shake off the aches and pains and get out of the house. So it was doubly delightful, yesterday, to be able to fire up the car and go visit a good friend.

Part of the reason for the visit was study, but, as well as being satisfyingly productive, the day was also thoroughly enjoyable; including a visit to a rather impressive bookshop, my first time of eating chilli and coriander hummuos and a quick look round an art gallery - all in the setting of a beautifully restored textile mill. The day was topped off by calling into church for the evening service (a bit of a surprise for another old friend) followed by a rather tasty pork casserole.
My only disappointment was that I broke the rule which I am learning to be the cardinal commandment of the photo blogger - ALWAYS carry a camera. It wasn't the most photogenic day; dull and grey with a hint of drizzle, but I shouldered my camera all round the streets as we walked out for lunch, tried my luck with one or two inside the mill and even snapped a street sign. It was when we went to church that I made the decision to leave it behind.

What a mistake! My friend's church has a series of beautifully crafted banners and I so longed to be able to photograph them.

So, I have a confession to make. Neither of today's photos are mine.

After I had set off for home, my friend searched the hard drive of his computer and came up with the goods (just until I can return to take some of my own). I remain grateful for thoughtful friends and email technology.


  1. That's always the way Aunty! As soon as you find something you want to photograph you either don't have your camera with you, runs out of batteries or too little light but it doesn't matter because it makes it all the more special when you manage to take a perfect snap :) Those banners are nice. btw, what was the chilli houmous like? x

  2. Not too hot. Gently tasty. Quite a delicate flavour. I liked it a lot.

    The trouble with my camera is that it's one of the older digital ones, which means it won't exactly slip in my pocket. I do like it tho.

  3. How beautiful they are. Make me want to dust off my paintbrushes and sewing machine again, 'though p'haps not at the same time! (love chilli and coriander houmous too) x