Thursday, 11 February 2010

Rising above it all

Behind the Guildhall is the covered market. Originally built in 1830 for the sale of foodstuff, it has digressed slightly and now contains an array of stalls, selling everything from vacuum cleaner bags to fresh fruit to dragons. A flight of stairs up to the balcony gives the best view of the market hall's most impressive feature; it's Victorian vaulted roof of iron and glass spanning 110 feet.

Although it doesn't sell the best coffee in the world, the cafe up here does give a sense of being above it all as you sit and sip. It is also a perfect place to indulge in a bit of people watching - something I used to enjoy doing with Mum.

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  1. and I can just imagine looking down and, instead of the market, seeing a large red locomotive, stood at Platform 9 3/4.


    Is now on my "places to visit" list

    You'd have loved the old Kirkgate Market in Bradford (sadly long gone)