Friday 2 July 2010

Back on the Trent and Mersey

Having walked down the Trent and Mersey with Lisa a short while ago, we had a homegroup walk one evening soon after and set off down the canal again. This time, we began from the new and ever growing Mercia Marina, which was the subject of one of my very first posts, and walked through the village of Willington.

Having been a damp and drizzly day, it turned into a glorious evening, perfect for a stroll. From the marina, a short branch heads out under the tunnel

and joins the main canal at a T junction.

But, as the towpath was on the far bank and we are none of us able to walk on water, we had to go the slightly longer route...

...over the footbridge.


  1. I'm collecting ideas for an eventual walk/barge holiday and this will go in the file!

  2. Is that a nuclear power plant in the background?

  3. Not a nuclear power plant no. It was a coal fired power station, but was decommissioned a few years ago. The chimneys were demolished but the cooling towers remain. There was a move to build houses on the site, but the council blocked it because of an environmental survey. The last I heard, they were considering re-opening the plant as a gas fired station.

  4. This looks like a great place to walk. My two year old would love the tunne. Have a great weekend!