Tuesday 27 July 2010

Followed by a much drier year

2008 was much drier. It was also my first year out of the main adult venue (where I had been an Usher) and into the Control Office. To be honest, when the Chief Steward rang me, I was slightly hesitant about making the move. I had enjoyed the face to face stuff with the delegates and the atmosphere of the main meetings. I wasn't sure that I would like being in an office all week and, frankly, the thought of operating the radio scared me silly! (I don't mean the mechanics of operating it because a two year old could manage to do that, I mean the 'knowing what to say after you've pressed the button' bit!)

Anyway, that was where the need was, so I thought I'd give it a try. After all, I reasoned to myself, I could always swap back next year if I hated it!

Swap back..? NO WAY!! I loved it! The Control Office is the communication hub for all of the teams and everything goes through us. I took to the radio like a duck takes to water and couldn't wait to get on shift each day! And so that is where I have been ever since, gradually taking on more responsibility as I have become more experienced.

For inside the Control Office, look here, but these are a few rather prettier ones from outside in the early morning sunshine :)

People enjoying living in community.

and this is always home for the week.