Thursday 15 July 2010

Z is for... Cleveland Way

Yes. I admit it. I'll be lucky to get a D- for this Z post because the link is nebulous to say the least! But I'm right in the middle of a series about Yorkshire and that's entirely Jenny's fault for putting Y before Z in the alphabet! 

So what is the link? The scenery on this walk is amaZing. The path sort of ZigZags its way down the coast and I could sit for hours and gaZe at the sea from the cliff tops.

If you can live with that... please enjoy the rest :)

The Cleveland Way is one of Britain's Long Distance footpaths. A total distance of 110 miles (177km), it was opened in 1969, becoming the second National Trail in England and Wales. There are currently fifteen such trails; the first being the rather more famous Pennine Way (1965).

Beginning from the market town of Helmsley in North Yorkshire, the Cleveland Way loops northwards in an arc, crossing the heather wilderness of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park until it reaches the coast at the Victorian town of Saltburn by the Sea. From here, it follows the coastline south to it's finishing point on Filey Brig, crossing the highest cliffs in England (Boulby cliffs 666' above sea level) and passing through a wealth of small fishing villages and towns (including Robin Hood's Bay), as well as the rather larger resort of Scarborough.

I've only walked the coastal section (20 years ago in it's entirity and parts of it since then), but the whole walk traverses dramatic and beautiful scenery and the halfway transition from moorland to coast means you get the best of both worlds!

I do remember that the coastal section involved a lot of ups and downs, but none of them were excessive :) Anyway, the interest of the little coves and inlets set against the breeZe and openness of the cliff tops made all the climbing totally worthwhile. (Woohoo, I just spotted another Z there!)

And the footpath is extremely well maintained throughout, with cracking views up and down the coastline. This is gaZing back towards Robin Hood's Bay from near the top of Ravenscar. At the right time of year, this section of path is alight with yellow gorse!

For more information about this National Trail, follow the link. Amongst loads of other information, it will tell you the record time in which the trail has been completed! Wha..! The record holder Zoomed along the path!! (Quite an achievement, but what a waste!)

In slight trepidation, I am linking this 'Z' post to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. For other more genuine Z posts, do follow this link :)


  1. Well.......there were z's there - I saw them!

  2. It's a bit of a stretch but I reckon you might just get away with your Z's, since it's our last lesson today!

  3. I don't much care if you got Zs or not. This was truly breathtaking. I've never wanted to go to Europe so much in my life! (I've been quietly following your Yorkshire posts and they're all so amazing.)

  4. I cool breeZe would feel wonderful. This is a path I would want to walk slowly.

  5. Super ‘Z’ post – have been following all yr Yorkshire posts too. One of my favourite English regions! (I only ever drink "Yorkshire Tea"!)

    It’s been great fun reading great posts like yours over the past 26 weeks!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  6. I agree - it's amaZing! Beautiful scenery...and here I was thinking of Cleveland, Ohio... Happy Z day!

  7. wow, great view going down the path :D

  8. I think it's cool since I'm from Cleveland, Ohio lol. This is a bit of history I didn't know about that now I do. I think it was a great Z post. Gorgeous photos.

  9. I don't think it's a stretch at all! That was just lovely to see and learn about. I'd love to visit there some day.

  10. Don't worry about your "z" post; it is fine. Our 5th graders are usually 10-11 years old. When I was teaching, most of my students came to me at age 10 and then had a birthday while in 5th grade and they turned 11. Occasionally, I would get a child who was 9 turning 10 but that was not the norm.

  11. This was a wonderful post, and I don't think it was a stretch at all. The scenery is just gorgeous, what a beautiful place for a hike. I followed the link, this is such an interesting area. And I cannot believe how quickly the record holder walked this, that's amazing. Although I agree, I don't really see the point :) Kat

  12. Wow, what beautiful views! Would love to visit Yorkshire someday. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  13. the photos are lovely, i would never want to zip through so fast.

  14. AmaZing views & beautiful scenery... Thanks for letting me gaZe with you :-)

  15. Ms Jenny is bound to see the beauty the zest for life in this post.
    D- ??? No way!


    Beautiful, is an understatement.

  16. Who cares about zzzzzzs with a view like this. Wow! ~ Sarah

  17. How could I possibly give you a Z for this little stop on Alphabe-Thursday's weekly journey?

    After you shared these lovely photos and wonderful descriptions of this love place you at least get a B-!

    Thanks for linking. You have really helped make this meme diverse and wonderful!

    Hugs and ...ummm...



    But not an A+

    See? Who said I was an easy grader?!?