Sunday 25 July 2010


The North Yorkshire Moors Railway carried more than 350,000 passengers in 2009, possibly making it the busiest steam heritage railway in the world. It runs for 18 miles between Pickering to the south and Grosmont to the north and is operated  by a mainly volunteer workforce of engineers, firemen, drivers, guards, signalmen, station masters, caterers, shop assistants, museum curators... There are opportunities for all kinds of service for those who love the world of steam!

There is no question in my mind that these huge engines have much more personality than their modern diesel and electric counterparts. The sounds and smells of the steam engine are a feast for the senses. There is an awareness of the power contained within, waiting to be unleashed; like a tethered dragon fizzing and hissing, snorting and screeching with fire raging in her belly!"

There are other attractions, apart from steam, which help to make the line popular. For the walker, it offers easy access to the moorland footpaths, visitors love to explore the stone built Yorkshire villages, Pickering is an attractive market town and there is now a steam-operated extension to Whitby and the seaside.

In addition, the station of Goathland is famous as Aidensfield in the British Yorkshire TV series Heartbeat and doubled up as the station Hogsmead in the first ever Harry Potter film 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. Imagine a very young Daniel Radcliffe standing here overshadowed by the towering bulk of Robbie Coltraine.


  1. Thought you were at New WIne.

  2. I'm off to google this line - we travel with a friend who is fascinated by trains so I'm always researching rail trips - loved the one about the little trains in Wales, and have saved the post.

  3. This is positively enchanting. Y'know you're gonna have to entertain me once I land.

  4. I agree - the engines have far more character. Bring them back, I say! That would be interesting. Not terribly prompt, but interesting nonetheless.