Monday 5 July 2010


We spotted this beautiful clematis growing up the gable end of a house beside the towpath just outside Willington. The blooms were huge and I love the intricate layering of the petals.

I tried to look up the actual species of clematis, but couldn't find one which looked quite right. Did you know that there are over three hundred different species of clematis and that the plant is part of the buttercup family; Ranunculaceae? That is as unexpected as discovering that woodlice are related to prawns.

I suppose that clematis are the climbers of the buttercup family; the name clematis comes from the Ancient Greek klématis, meaning a climbing plant!

Aren't families interesting. The most unexpected members can belong together and every one has their own special place. If only all human families could amble along so amiably.

PS: Thankyou to Catherine (A Gardener in Progress) for identifying this clematis as a Multi Blue :)


  1. What an amazing colour

  2. I've never seen a many-layered one like that. I like the woodlice v prawns analogy!

  3. It is a beautiful one! I love all the petals. I wonder if it's 'Multi Blue'? It looks like one I've seen at nurseries and for some reason haven't bought yet. Clematis are one of my favorite plants.