Tuesday 20 July 2010

South bay

South Bay is the more busy (and arguably, more fashionable) half of Scarborough. Here you will find the long sandy beach, the arcades, the traditional seaside stalls, deckchairs and donkey rides, and the cliff lift up to the main shopping centre.

At the southern end of this bay is the Spa, a hotel and conference centre which hosts live entertainment, including the famous Spa Orchestra. It was because of the spa that Scarborough first became a popular destination, when the medicinal properties of the spring water were discovered back in 1626. The park beyond the Spa is terraced along the side of the cliff and includes a bandstand where I remember stopping to listen to a brass band (Yorkshire is famous for it's brass bands!!).

My photo shows the arched entrance to the small inner harbour with it's guardian lighthouse. A walk out to here is well worth the effort.

If you would like to see more of the bay, follow this link to the 360 degree panorama.


  1. I wondered if there'd be a South Bay to accompany the North Bay post. I didn't know anything about Scarborough beyond the words of the song Scarborough Fair. We have a Scarborough in Ontario - a very busy, landlocked,suburb of Toronto.

  2. It reminds me of the less beautiful beaches around here. Seems once they commercialize like this, the allure disappears.