Thursday 29 July 2010

Set up 1

Going live! Wednesday was a beautiful morning, so what's new on site?

A smart new patio area just outside the Control Office window.

'Impact', the new location for Venue 2 (the Urban Stream).

Seminar venues in the making...

...and the younger kids venues ready constructed.


  1. You know that poem Oh I wished Id looked after my teeth by Pam Ayres?
    I have a variation
    Oh I wish I had volunteered LOL

    It looks so exciting and to be part of the behind the scenes would be cool.

    Enjoy glad your posting anything RED for Alphabet Thursday summer school

  2. This looks so much more inviting than the wet year! Who chose those orange decorations? Eek!

    Thanks for the tour through the years. When do the folks start arriving this year?

  3. Wow - you're almost there! This is going to be a wonderful year.