Saturday 10 July 2010

Britannia Bridge

Hand in hand with the construction of the new A650 Bingley Relief Road came the construction of new bridges, one of which is the Britannia footbridge built to replace the existing footbridge between Britannia Street and Dubb Lane. The Britannia bridge extends over both the relief road and the Leeds Liverpool Canal and is much wider than its predecessor. It has become quite a landmark with its tapering, square, steel upright to which are attached cables to support some weight of the bridge.

From the Dubb Lane end, it reminds me of the mast of an ocean going sailing ship. Maybe a little grand considering the overall depth of the Leeds Liverpool canal, but somehow appropriate.

The far end has an old iron bollard which has been preserved from the original bridge as a reminder.


  1. Angle special for this architecture, well considering

  2. This shot absolutely reminded me of the mast of a sailing vessel. The angle is just right.

  3. I like this picture. It reminds me of a ship, too.