Sunday 22 August 2010

Bingley 5 rise - again

Yes, I know, I've posted about the Bingley Five rise before, but this time we walked there and took my boys to see it. We had great toasties in the cafe at the top. They don't skimp on the fillings!

Also, this time, the lock was in use, with a pair of boats working their way down through the rise (or should I call it a descent as they were going down?). Anyway, I got some good shots of the lock filling up. Lock gates hold back a lot of pressure. When the paddles were raised, the water fair torpedoed through.

From this one, you get a sense of how steep the rise actually is. What a feat of engineering! It was quite a task building a canal through countryside that isn't flat!


  1. A holiday on a canal boat is another dream of mine - your blogs are fueling my dreams!

  2. I remember going there a few years ago when holidaying in Yorkshire, a great spectacular to see, thank you for reminding me of it!! I see Songs of Praise is coming from Holmfirth next Sunday, another place we visited when "Up North"!!
    Jackie in Surrey.