Tuesday 24 August 2010

Garden after rain - roses

Today has been one of those days which can't make up its mind! One minute, the sun is shining, the sky is mainly blue with some attractive white puffs of cloud and it seems glorious. The next, the sky is a leaden grey and rain is bouncing off the path.

I made the mistake of putting some washing out this morning. Oh well!

I haven't taken any photos of my garden for a while, so I grabbed my camera during one of the 'glorious' bits of the afternoon and headed off. The garden is definitely showing signs of summer ending. Many of the flowers have died away and there are other little hints of what we in Derbyshire call 'back end'.

The roses have done quite well this year. They aren't my favourite flower - I find them a bit brash and exceptionally scratchy - but I do enjoy the colour that they bring.

They brighten up the garden; especially along the garage wall.

And they stand up to the rain a bit better then my soaked towels on the line!

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