Saturday 21 August 2010

Dowley Gap Locks

Dowley Gap Locks, on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, is a two rise lock system which has been designated a grade II listed structure. It achieved this position for two reasons; its individual architectural and historic significance, and its value as part of the group of locks which adorn this stretch of the canal, including the three and five rise locks at Bingley.

The Dowley Gap 2 rise was built in 1773 and raises the level of the canal around twenty feet. Both sections of the lock are made of sandstone blocks and each has its own footbridge across the canal and its own railed staircase alongside. The lock gates themselves are made of  timber, with iron gearing for the raising and lowering of the paddles which release the water. They also have their own mini gardens of active foliage!

On the outer wall, near the staircase of the lower lock, is its name! And the white roses leave us in no doubt that we are in Yorkshire!


  1. Love standing at the locks and watching the boats go through.

  2. Beautiful visual , quite made up, perfect, good Saturday with you.

  3. Really H, I'm going to have come visit soon. Each post leaves me drooling over the beauty of your world.