Monday 16 August 2010

Climbing 3 - The Climbing Works, Sheffield

Although the routes at Alter Rock are changed regularly, it's good to get climbing experience from other places too. This involves a bit of travelling, but can sometimes be combined with visits to friends. One such place we have visited is The Climbing Works in Sheffield.

The Works differs from Alter Rock in that it is a centre purely dedicated to bouldering; no rope work involved. This means that the routes are all lower level and the range of challenges is greater because the available space is significantly bigger.

It is a little older than Alter Rock, having been open since December 2006, and has a total climbing wall surface of over 1000m², including a competition wall. Routes are re-set on a rolling programme with every route being changes within around 3 months, so there is always something new to try.

The Climbing Works claims to be the world's biggest bouldering centre.

Generally, it is easier to take a video of the lads climbing than it is to take a photograph, so here is Mark on the Competition Wall...

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  1. Fabulous video! I think I held my breath all the way through!