Tuesday 10 August 2010

An unexpected discovery

Yes, I admit it. I am missing New Wine like crazy.

Only one of my lads came with me to the Conference; and that was only for the part of the week when his oldest and closest friend was also around. The elder son went in the opposite direction to the Stafford Showground and a New Wine sister event called Soul Survivor.

Soul Survivor is aimed specifically at youth and, with us oldies out of the way, the youth who went were able to experience God in a way suited to them. Mark had a great time; including coming 4th in the fun run and playing something called cage football!

But I hadn't realised that he was pining for the camping quite this much...

I got quite a shock when I went down to make my first cup of coffee of the day. When I went to bed last night he was sitting in the living room watching telly. Add to that the small irrelevance that it had been chucking it down with rain!

Incidentally, he's still there!

I don't know whether the neighbours have spotted him yet!!! They already think that we English can be a bit odd   :D


  1. It's fantastic to sleep under the stars. Not so sure about the rain though :-)

  2. That would be a bit of a shock! Looks pretty content and cozy in the grass:)

  3. I have one just as mad. How come such sane people as us have such mad children?