Tuesday 17 August 2010

Climbing 4 - The Depot, Leeds

Further afield yet, this is the Depot, close to Pudsey, between Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire. The boys have only climbed here twice, but they rate this centre highly, especially the back wall, which is a continuous overhanging slope angled at around 45 degrees.

The Depot boasts over 200 routes, up to 40 of which are re-set weekly. They include barrels (like the one seen here) and aretes (edges to you and I) as well as vertical walls and a whole range of overhangs.

Once a bus depot (hence the name), the Depot is only slightly smaller then the Sheffield Works and, like the Works, is also solely for bouldering. As a centre, it is developing and improving all of the time, with the roof having recently been insulated, a more user-friendly cafe area, an extended shop and added facilities in the training room. It's also good as a family centre with a climbing area for kids, plus courses and competitions on offer for juniors as well as adults.

We've not been around at the right time for a competition, but the climbing is good.