Sunday 15 August 2010

Climbing 2 - Alter Rock, Derby

It's really tricky getting a decent photo of the lads as they climb because, even when they are still, they're not (if you see what I mean). Take Ben for example. He settles onto a hold and immediately starts shifting his weight, adjusting his footing, leaning away to scan the route ahead, always preparing for the next move. Mark is just as bad; swinging and reaching, sometimes hopping on the hold so that only the very tip of his toe is in contact, enabling him to extend to the fell length of his, fairly considerable, reach!

The end result of this is that I have several folders full of mainly blurry photographs. I've picked out a few of the best from Alter Rock.

I think this is called a heel hook.

Routes vary in difficulty and holds are colour coded to identify the way up the wall. Some are so simple that even I could do them. Others are a challenge even for the experienced climbers.


  1. I love both of these posts on the Alter Rock. This looks like loads of fun and lots of hard work. (Can't watch the video right now. RM is watching a movie!)