Wednesday 1 September 2010

Baildon Moor

I'm a bit of a contrary so and so. When we lived in Manchester, I used to miss the river valleys of the White Peak, with their rocky outcrops, green fields and pale grey drystone walls. Now that I live back in Derby, within spitting distance of the White Peak, I miss the brooding emptiness of the moors with the rough short grass, the purple heather, the call of the skylark and the constant company of the wind.

It's good to have the opportunity to visit moorland from time to time. It invigorates the spirit and helps to clear the mind.


  1. That does look strangely inviting.

  2. Yes, low clouds, a cool wind sweeping in from Lancashire, and the barren moors clear the mind wonderfully. When I need to do some serious thinking I either head for the moors or Grimsby Fish Docks (don't ask me why the latter, I have no idea!)