Sunday 5 September 2010


Today and tomorrow, I'm going to post photos of sculptures which were dotted around Harlow Carr. These two were in the modern garden.

One of these I really like. The other I'm not so keen. What are your opinions?


  1. The first looks a little too busy to me - especially in the position it is. The second one suits its location more although it never is going to challenge the beauty of the flowers themselves.

  2. I'm not much of a fan of modern sculpture, but almost like it on a barren landscape. Odd, but I prefer the explosion of metal to the stylized flowers.

  3. Hi! I kinda/sorta like the top one!

    Hey, can you link your e-mail addy to your google account.

    Mr. Steve has been wanting to e-mail you back about your sweet comment on his Sunday stories but we can't find it on your blog.

    Or, do you mind just e-mailing it to him when you have a second?

    Thanks a bunch.

    smatlock at email dot com

    Hope your Sunday is going swell.

  4. Ummmm, neither is my cup of tea. The first is a bit distracting and, while the artwork in the second is nice, it doesn't strike a chord either.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll be intrigued.