Thursday 9 September 2010

Heather on Stanton Moor

I am trying to work out how old this photograph is exactly. I'm still not quite sure - a few years. Ben's certainly changed a bit since then. He's taller than me by about two inches now and starts sixth form college today to study for his A levels.

I haven't been up on Stanton Moor for a while, but I imagine that it has not changed much at all, and this is the time of year when the heather is at its best; in full purple bloom. 

Today is the last day of Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday rainbow summer school so, of course, we've reached violet. If you want to see other violet offerings, follow the link.


  1. What a great picture - pensive, windswept & VIOLET! Brill!

  2. I love the thinker stance he is in. The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Seems like his name should be Heathcliff.

    GREAT photo!


  4. I always find it difficult to capture the colour of moorland heather - in my photographs it always looks dull and faded. This image is excellent.

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous photo! How perfect for today.

  6. What an incredible capture. From the image of your son standing amongst the heather to the valley below. Simply stunning.

  7. What a fantastic picture!! I've never seen a field of heather in real life -- I can just imagine what a spectacular sight it must be :-)

    Your son looks very thoughtful -- maybe he's wondering how he can get out of the field of heather without squishing all the flowers!! ;-)


  8. absolutely gorgeous! I haven never seen a so much heather together ... it looks glorious and your son looks so thoughtful ... it makes me wonder what he is thinking

  9. Just as I'd imagined a moor would look - we have heather here, but nothing like that!

  10. Beautiful heather. We have it here in Sweden too.
    Perfect choice for this last Rainbow-post for Violet.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's H-word-abcWed

  11. Great photo! I love the view too :) I've never heard or seen Moorland heather before but it must be so nice to find such a beautiful place with such beautiful flowers :)

  12. What a glorious picture. Oh, I want to be standing just there. The heather is blooming in September, right?

    I think I will need to plan my dream trip during that time of year.

    This was really a peaceful and glorious link to Rainbow Summer Schools Violet.

    Thank you for linking.