Wednesday, 15 September 2010


One final photograph from Yorkshire (probably the last for a while).

This is the River Aire and the weir beside Salt's Mill, constucted by order of Sir Titus Salt in order to give a constant supply of water for the wool making process.

Originally, Victoria Road crossed the Aire here, but it was closed in the 1950s and dismantled during the 60's due to the structure being unsafe. The bridge portals can still be seen at both sides of the river.

Now, the Aire is spanned by a metal footbridge which allows access between the village of Saltaire and the newly refurbished Roberts Park.

The first time I saw this view, back in December, the refurbishment was in progress and there were copious quantities of orange fencing. Much nicer now!

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  1. I love the before and after images. I could get lost in the one that's NOT wintery.