Saturday 11 September 2010

Forbidden ground

I'm going to say very little about the place we visited after Harlow Carr, except that it was great fun! I was astoundingly self-disciplined and didn't Google it in advance, which meant that I arrived having no clue what to expect. Good move!! I hope the pictures don't give away too much.

Gates and doors

A giant iron man

Much water :)

(Thanks to Sacristan for this one)

And a splash of colour :p


  1. Ooo...nice.

    We were near Shewsbury in Wales. Not exactly there, but a little town west of there who's name eludes me.

  2. Very cool, I'd like iron man in my garden!

  3. I like that iron man too! Where were you?

  4. Did you pass through the needle's eye?

    My favourite was the revolving room with 7 doors :-)