Wednesday 22 September 2010

North Eastern Lakes

Peering down through the briefly separating mist, this is our onward route; Brothers Water, lying tucked away at the foot of Kirkstone Pass, overshadowed by towering fells. At only half a mile long and less than a quarter of a mile wide, Brothers Water is one of the smaller lakes in the National Park. It was described by Dorothy Wordsworth as 'the glittering, lively lake' and it lived up to its name by being bathed in sudden sunlight as we descended the steep road towards it.

Brothers Water is one on which Mark will not be kayaking, as The National Trust, who now own it, have forbidden boating in a bid to preserve its natural beauty.

Two miles further north, however, is Ullswater, a significantly larger body of water which is very likely to see kayak action; especially as it is the closest lake to campus. At 8 miles in length, Ullswater comes second only to Windermere's 10.5 but, in spite of its size, it is significantly quieter. This is a much less commercialised side to the Lake District and all the more beautiful because of it. Although I'm not exactly going to be breathing down Mark's neck, I do look forward to spending some time enjoying this corner of England.


  1. I love this whole series. The photos are gorgeous.

    I noticed a sweet
    little haiku down below
    music to my ears!

  2. Lovely to see this shot. As you know, I was up at Ullswater last month. Coming towards the Kirkstone Pass, we saw Brothers Water for the first time - well, it was half hidden in the rain clouds, but still very magical.

  3. Love you photos of England...have never been there and this is like taking a journey through a magical land...bkm