Monday 20 September 2010

Kirkstone Pass

Early evening over Kirkstone Pass? Erm...No! This was actually yesterday 12.15pm, dinner time!

Today, I'm a little weary! Those familiar with English geography will know that Kirkstone Pass is not exactly on my doorstep, being the road between Windermere and Ullswater in the Lake District. But yesterday was Mark's arrival day at the University of Cumbria, so the three of us piled into the car (along with a huge amount of 'stuff') and headed for the M6.

In theory, we could have stayed on the motorway to within about 3 miles of campus, but we turned off a bit early in search of this pub, the Kirkstone Pass Inn. In spite of the low cloud, we were not disappointed. The Inn is small, friendly, has bags of character and served a good roast dinner followed by a huge wedge of sticky toffee pudding.

The Inn is at an altitude of 1,481 feet above sea level. It isn't the highest in England (Tan Hill, Yorkshire, 1732 feet) or even the second highest (Cat and Fiddle, Derbyshire 1690 feet), but it is impressive! On a clear day, the views from here would be stunning. Yesterday, they were more 'atmospheric'...

Shrouded in mist...

But the outdoor tables show the potential.

PS: Yes, I do know that the Cat and Fiddle is really in Cheshire, but you could stand at the front door of the inn and virtually spit at the Derbyshire county boundary sign, so there!


  1. Brrr, looks chilly. Hope you're not feeling too empty nested today.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, the inn and the roast beef dinner sound so great right now..

    I read your pond series, and the green slime is not something I would like to handle!

  3. It looks amazing, completely different from the time I visited in the snow. :-)

  4. That mist. Wow. It is really beautiful.