Saturday 25 September 2010

The Bubble Inn

Most weeks, my dad, aunt, uncle and I (or any combination of the above), try to go out for a pub lunch together. This week, it was just myself and dad, so we tried out somewhere new and local.

The Bubble Inn was converted from a large 18th Century barn and has retained some of the character which you would associate with that fact. We ate in the dining room, but there is also an upstairs and an area with large comfortable sofas and an open fire in Winter.

I'm not really into beer but, for those who are, there is a selection of real ales from local brewers. The names of these beers always intrigue me. Bridge No. 19 is so called for fairly obvious reasons, but one on offer was called Leatherbritches. What a brilliant name! It comes from the method used by Ale Conners who used to collect taxes for the crown. To test the strength of a beer, they would pour a sample onto a barrel top and sit on it. The stickiness of their britches when they stood up, determined the alcoholic content of the beer and the resulting duty imposed! Apparently worsted wool or cord trousers just didn't do the job, so all ale conners wore leather britches!

Leatherbritches is brewed just outside Ashbourne at a place called Fenny Bentley, in the converted old wash house of the Bentley Brook Hotel.

Personally, I was just content to sit outside with a cup of fresh coffee and enjoy the view of the canal in the warmth of the late summer sunshine.


  1. There are few things I like more that a post about a pub - especially a pub I have never been to. Wonderfully informative, thoroughly enjoyable.

  2. The name of that beer is a riot. Thanks for the brew lesson. I'd prefer to sit outside with you too.

  3. There's only one proper pub on the island - all the rest are fancy drinking and dining places with girls in short kilts serving expensive drinks. You're so lucky to have a variety from which to choose.