Wednesday 25 January 2012

A double cone with ice but no cream

Pike O'Blisco actually has a double summit (two cairns of course), one summit being 1metre higher than the other. We wandered between them looking at the gathered pools of frozen water and the views in all directions.

From the patterns, I suspect that this has been broken and refrozen.

The long ridge (which I think is Bowfell) reminds me of a sleeping lizard. In the far distance is Skiddaw.
(It is Bowfell - or, at least the upper end is the summit of Bowfell - I asked Mark!)

At 931m, Skiddaw is the 5th highest peak in the Lake District and towers over the pretty little town of Keswick, almost due north of here.

Turn 180 degrees to face south and Coniston Old Man is peeping over the ridge.


  1. I hope you were very well wrapped up when you took these wonderful photographs

  2. Beautiful series of photos. I'm especially taken with Bowfell and the Coniston Old Man.

  3. In some views it's like the face of the moon, and in others it resembles parts of the Canadian Shield. I'd love to walk there.