Thursday 12 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful, part H

For this round of Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday, I thought I would take a theme which might loosely be entitled 'Reasons to be Cheerful, Part _', after the 1979 hit single by Ian Dury and the Blockheads (Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3).


For everyone, the reasons will be different, but I wanted to search around for some of the things which brighten up my day; things for which I am thankful.

H is for holidays!


What a whacking great big reason to be cheerful; starting with the anticipation of going away and then basking in the need to do NO WORK for a set period of time, whilst enjoying the delights that a different location has to offer.

Here is a smattering of photos collected from family holidays we enjoyed in two different years:


A walk above Cwm Brithdir during a week spent in a lovely little cottage near Harlech, North Wales.

Sand engineering could take a full day; the real joy being in encouraging the incoming tide up the channels and watching the various structures collapse.

Wales means steam trains (This is the Ffestiniog at Tan y Bwlch)

Still 2005

 The Lake District means trips on boats...

Roman Forts (imagine being posted up here!)...

...and more walking. (This was 9 miles round Ennerdale.)


On a great campsite near Scarborough, N Yorkshire

Coastal walks (This is looking towards Ravenscar  from Boggle Hole)

The N Yorks moors (Of course we did the railway!!)

The harbour at Whitby (and yes, we did climb the 199 steps).

Still 2007

Back in North Wales - crazy golf in Porthmadog.

The bridge over the Mawddach estuary

and Bardsey Island from Aberdaron Headland.

 I wanna go on holiday!!!!!!


  1. Me too! I'd like to go somewhere with no phone, internet etc for two weeks. Just me and my love, a stack of books and lovely things to eat and drink.
    Gorgeous photos!

    1. Bardsey island will do all that for you. I spent a week there in June. Brilliant.

  2. I come with you !! What a beautiful landscape ! I have never been up to Wales, I only know the Southern part of England along the coast, which is beautiful too !

  3. What wonderful memories and they certainly prove that Holidays = happy!

  4. This really did me good H. For only the second time we are having to spend our holiday in this country because of myhealth issues. I was so looking forward to Canada again but am now searching for places in this country.

  5. Man, I wanna go on holiday too..... preferably to one of the places in your photos:-)

  6. I wanna go too! Great photos! Wanna be my guide? ;)

  7. Oh yeah... nothing like a holiday to make us cheerful. You've had some great ones... and here's to many more! Cheers! :-)

  8. Those holidays would make anyone cheerful! The photos are terrific.


  9. Me too! Love all your photos but especially Whitby and Porthmadog as I know them quite well. It's time to start thinking about where to go this year:)

  10. Lovely post. for more ideas, check out our blog for today!

  11. I want to go on a holiday, too. Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland would all be fine choices for me...

  12. Yes, there is nothing like a few good holiday memories to make you want to pack your case again - or at least get out the maps and the brochures. Where have you got planned for 2012?

  13. One of the cultural attributes I miss most since leaving my native Sweden is the long vacations Europeans take. Here in the US, two weeks of vacation is standard, and then as you spend more time with a company, you increase your days off. However, it's such a fast-paced world that even IF you have the vacation time saved up, you still can't do it all in a row because only you really know exactly how to do your job, so there are no subs available. It's ridiculous, in my opinion. Workers are more productive and happier if they're well rested and have taken time to de-compress from the hectic rest of the year. Ok, I'm now thinking this is turning into a post, so I'll end my whining in your comment stream and go whine over at my own place ;-)
    Helene, I absolutely LOVE the train picture. The composition is fantastic with all those angles, and then the steam turning it more impressionistic than a "mere" photo. May I buy it?
    Tina @ Life is Good

  14. My favourite photo was of the sand castles. That is something I would love to spend time doing. It would definitely make my kids happy!

  15. I am adoring your 'theme' this round!

    I can barely build an acceptable sand castle...must less engineer one, but I'd really love to be sitting there with you and watching.

    And enjoying those amazing views!

    Hooray for a wonderful link for the letter H.

    Thank you for sharing cheerful!