Sunday 22 January 2012

There's always a cairn

We gradually ambled our way higher and the views just got better and better!

I think that the mountain with its head in the clouds might be Helvellyn. (Correction! It's Fairfield)

A final climb and we reached the top.

Oh look!

A cairn!!

There's even an additional mini cairn!

From the summit of Pike O' Blisco, this is taken looking south east towards Windermere which is just about visible behind the ridge in the centre of the photo.


  1. What I just love about all of these photographs is that incredible bluish/silver hue.

  2. Thanks for your comment... it is thought there may be just one wallaby left but no one really knows! There were sightings with photographs in 2009 of a lone wallaby and in August last year there was a reported sighting of one near the Ramshaw Rocks. They have also been reported at Wetton Mill (manifold valley) and other places in the Peak District but really no one knows for sure now.

    My Dad and his brother used to regulary visit Lud's Church and parts of the Roaches in the late 70's and into the 80s and have a few great photos of them. I've never seen one with my own eyes but I would love to!

  3. Out here it would be an Inukshuk at the top.
    That view is gorgeous!

  4. Your photos are stunning especially the last one of the cairn. The light is perfect for showing the colour of the rocks:)

  5. As I suspect I have commented before if you were able to substitute "pub" for "cairn" in your title you would have me running up mountain sides with the best of them.

  6. Sweet shots. Stunning views.