Tuesday 3 January 2012

A dusting of snow

The first time we visited the Kirkstone Pass Inn, it was mid September, 2010 and the weather was pretty foul; grey and drizzly with low cloud obscuring the fells.

This time, there were stormy showers but also some sunshine and the fells were showing a residual dusting of snow.

I'd love to see it in deep snow, but only if the main road over the pass had been cleared!


  1. Lovely images - I would much prefer walking in your area right now! We were at 12 below last night and have about 6-7" of fresh snow in our woods. January in Northern Wisconsin has definitely arrived.

    Wishing you a beautiful New Year.

  2. This is my favourite way into the Lakes from here in the Dales. Lovely photographs. Happy New Year.

  3. Lovely photos - especially the last one with the glint of sunshine on the top of the fells:)

  4. Now that middle one is a superb photo H !
    Oh by the way I wrote a note about sledging on the previous post for Tina.....

  5. Yes, I saw it! Thanks Michael (I think). Fortunately, I had already emailed her with the appropriate answer :)

  6. Beautiful pictures - icy, cold, spare - I love them!