Sunday, 6 February 2011

Around Derwentwater 8 - Blencathra

More of a small range than a single fell, the highest summit of Blencathra stands at 2,848 feet. The name Blencathra probably comes from the Cumbric blaen (a bare hill top) and cathrac (a chair) and sums up this fell quite accurately.

Quite soon after moving up to Cumbria, Mark and one of his friends decided to 'do' Blencathra. To make it more of a challenge, they set themselves the goal of reaching the summit and returning in less than two hours. They were really peeved when it took them 2 hours and 4 minutes!

Personally, I'd be delighted to do it one way in that time, but, once up there, I'd want a long pause to admire the view!


  1. I'd definitely be sitting in that big chair for a rest up there!

  2. Talk about 'still waters running deep' - this is a picture-perfect scene, H!

    Your sons certainly have drive and passion! I can't even begin to imagine how many HOURS it would take me to get anywhere close to the midline of Blencathra, let alone reaching the summit. Oh, to be young and fit!

  3. More wonderful views! I think I would want to pause for a while and take in the views, too. Not that I'd have any hope of ever getting up there, of course but I can dream:)