Sunday, 27 February 2011

Derby - Bookshop

This is one of the shops I appreciate in Derby, though I wish ours had a cafe.

Often, walking round the older part of the city, it is much more interesting to look up at the roof lines of the buildings. There are some beautiful features, showing real attention to detail and flair of design.

The sign shows what's on offer. One of these is next :)


  1. Too bad, I was just up the stairs for a nice strong cup of tea....
    Excellent photos as usual. I expect we're off the the Cathedral soon....inside too hopefully. Thanks Mrs H.

  2. Independent book sellers are going the way of the Dodo over here, with giants Chapters etc taking up all the room. I still go to my favorites, though, and hope that enough othere do, too.

  3. My husband would have a wonderful time if let loose in that book shop! I agree...a coffee shop attached would be an excellent option :)

    I'm hoping we're going to visit either the museum or Cathedral, next? Although I suppose public toilets could make for a subject with a difference ;)

  4. It all looks very familiar! It is a shame that Watersrtone's doesn't have a coffee shop inside - a great combination I think. Looking forward to your next place - I wonder what it will be?

  5. The beauty of the internet. We were looking for a book called "Cold paws Warm heart" and found it at Waterstones' website. Funny, we could buy it for one pound second-hand in UK or 47 pounds new in Switzerland....