Saturday, 26 February 2011

Derby - The Spot

The small area at the top of St Peter's Street is called The Spot; so named because its shape, when seen from above, used to resemble a spot. It was a small, roughly triangular island surrounded by roads. Then, in 1993, one side was pedestrianised and what had been a small blob with some glass roofed public toilets, was smartened up with a clock tower and seating area. Looking back further, between 1906 and 1928 a statue of Queen Victoria stood here, but it was then moved into the grounds of the DRI. 

From The Spot, St Peter's Street runs downhill towards the Cornmarket and then back up to the Cathedral.


  1. My but I'd like to visit Derby.
    I went looking for the statue of Victoria at the DRI post but didn't see it. We have images of Victoria here, for obvious reasons, and I'm always interested to see another likeness.

  2. Excellent photos H ! Even straight ! ( You must know I'm an obsessive picture straightener )... Lots of color too..

  3. OOOH! I'd love to amble down St Peter's Street and take in all the sights and sounds.