Saturday, 12 February 2011

Skip huddle

Wednesday morning, I nip into my local Sainsbury's for a grocery top up. Half way down aisle three, there is an announcement:

 "This is a staff announcement. All available staff please gather for the skip huddle. I repeat, all available staff please gather for the skip huddle. Thank you."

 Three aisles later, I realise I've forgotten to pick up noodles, because my brain has been fully engaged with the question...

What on earth is a skip huddle?

Do they skip to the meeting and then huddle?
Are ropes involved?
One turner? Two turners? 
Do they chant skipping rhymes?

Bubble car, bubble car number 27
Went around the corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and slammed... on... his...

Or maybe it isn't that kind of skip.
Maybe it's a


Maybe they all climb into the big skip labelled


and huddle under the shredded boxes like a family of nesting mice, talking in hushed voices about the little old lady in fruit and veg who spent 15 minutes choosing a small bag of potatoes.

Or, then again, it could just be an acronym;


In which case...

What on earth does it stand for? 


  1. Oh, H! You're hilarious! It has me completely stumped, too, but I lack your inventive, imaginative mind. I think the best guess is probably all of them hopping into a SKIP and huddling under cardboard like little nesting mice. You get 10/10 for that :)

  2. Next time you're in Sainsbury's do please ask one of the managers what it is. Tell them you've put this query out there and now you've got anxious bloggers from all over the world trying to think up a logical explanation and we're having sleepless nights as a result :)

  3. Can't think of anything bright. Saltaire Knaves in Prison ? Naaah. We now realise you have poetic potential. Keep up the good work. PS You can take photos in the rain you know!

  4. Heck if I know, but thanks for the laugh!

  5. The mind boggles! the only 'huddle' I see at our nearest supermarket (Tesco) is the huddle of smokers out at the back - near the bus station:)

  6. Now I have to know, you realize. If you dont' find out soon, I'm calling ours to ask.