Friday, 11 February 2011

Skywatch Friday - It should have been fine

I've been thinking that it's about time I posted some more blogs about Derby. Anyone reading would think that I didn't really live here!

Unfortunately, I need a new wander with my camera, which means a sunny day co-inciding with some free time. Last Tuesday was beautifully sunny, a perfect day for taking photos. Was I free - No! So, Wednesday morning, I was all primed to be in the city centre first thing, taking advantage of this spell of dry weather. I woke up, pulled back the curtains and... DRIZZLE!!!

I'm afraid the Derby posts will have to wait a little longer.

The puzzle though, is this...

This was Tuesday's sunset, but Wednesday rained! What happened to 'Red sky at night...'?

According to the shepherds, it should have been fine!

This week, I'm linking to Skywatch Friday; skies from around the planet!


  1. Lovely sky :) The weather will improve, so don't feel disheartened.

  2. The weather kept me inside today as well. Roll on Spring. I've never been to Derby in my life and I want to see it.

  3. What a stunning sky photo! Looks as if the Red sky at night saying didn't follow through the next day - last time we visited Derby we met friends from Nottingham for lunch and took photos in the arboretum and also of the new bridge behind the cathedral near the silk mill:)

  4. Wonderful photo, very good sky watch
    happe weekend

  5. Looking forward to more photos from Derby. Couldn't find my uncle's address on Google Earth. I thought it was 100 Alvaston Rd but maybe my memory is playing tricks. Nice Sky colors!

  6. Sorry, H. Woulda been nice to see more of Derby. Can't count on the sky in winter. Around here, it's always red. Gorgeous but not a good predictor.