Friday, 18 February 2011

Snowdrops 2011

I'm always pleased to see the snowdrops. I'm not daft enough to believe that they mean spring is here; we could still have icy cold weather or even snow, but they do mean that we're at the right end of winter.

Another few weeks will see a variety of bulbs beginning to emerge and flower, the nosing out of fresh green leaves and the buds on the trees turning into blossom.

And, the slowly lengthening days will also mean I'll travel to and from work in the light!

Anyone know when the clocks change?


  1. Sometime at the back end of March I think. Hate to disappoint you (and the flowers) but there is snow forecast for Saturday.

  2. Don't worry all your lovely clocks will change automatically. There is no snow forecast in Sheffield. Just rain. Are you going to watch Crawley play Man U ? We are jealous of your snowdrops. We used to get them in Nanaimo by the 5th Feb but not here yet. Hope you had a nice tea. I haven't heard the word daft for years!!

  3. Daylight Savings Time: 27 March and 30 Oct 2011 in UK

  4. These snowdrops suit me better than the cold kind... Very pretty!

  5. Snowdrops! One of my favourite flowers!