Wednesday, 9 February 2011


This unusually steep garden belongs to friends in Shipley, West Yorkshire. With its stone edged terraces and winding flight of steps, it weaves its way up to the wooden decking at the very top, finally stopping when it reaches an area of private woodland.

While I was there, the bird feeders were attracting a variety of small visitors, including a chaffinch and a long-tailed tit; apparently the first of this winter. By now, Mrs H will have made a note of him in her bird journal!

This cheeky fellow was sitting about a third of the way up...

...whilst this fellow was hiding, much closer to the top; made by Mr H and positioned as a surprise for those people who come during the 'Open Gardens' event.

Even in the depths of winter, this garden is attractive, but to see it in its late spring glory, click here.


  1. What a delightful garden (both in spring/summer and winter!) - the view from the top terrace must be rather lovely, too?

    The quirky garden art is a nice touch and I'm impressed with the design layout of the terrace steps. So natural-looking and inviting further exploration, which I can never resist. Gardening there must keep one pretty fit and it would be necessary to keep your wits about you lest you take a tumble. My guess is it could become quite slippery with fallen leaves wet from the rain.

  2. It looks a wonderful garden. I can imagine sitting on the steps on a warm summer morning, clutching a mug of coffee and letting the world drift by:)

  3. Wonderful eye candy whether it's spring or not:)

  4. Ah yes, I thought I recognised that!

  5. Good post H. Thanks for the "Click Here" Very impressed by the Spring Colors. Roll on Spring!

  6. wow..what a beautiful place, it is very calm and peaceful too look at. I like all the snaps esp the bird feeder.


  7. What a fun place to spend time. I love the little statues. :)