Tuesday, 15 February 2011

B&Q Sculpture

Street art seems to be the fashion these days and, while I love to see creativity brightening up our cities, some examples of street art are better than others.

This arrived with the building of a new B&Q DIY warehouse a few years ago. At one end of the store is a garden centre. This was erected just outside.

Its base, which reminds me of a giant rubbish bin, is decorated with panels showing embossed pictures of agricultural crops and hardware

Close up, they have a certain appeal, but from a distance, I'm not quite sure what I think about this outdoor 'plant'.

I realise that it probably doesn't look its' best on a grey day such as this, but what do you think?


  1. The close-up view is quite attractive, but I'm in agreement that from a distance, it looks like a municipal bin with someone's tossed away branch chucked inside. I suppose that's what art does...engenders commentary :)

  2. I think it's quite striking, especially the close ups....

    It's certainly thought provoking!

  3. I love the trend. We have a lot of sculptures scattered throughout our neighborhood.

  4. Good photos, but we're wondering if there is a title or credit to the creator, date etc. It looks fine to us even on a gray day.... that's because we have a good photographer, or is she now surely an expert video-photographer?

  5. It kind of has 'potential' but it looks like it could do with watering! A bit droopy.

  6. In one of our most beautiful squares, overlooking the harbour and its million dollar view, some municipal politicians decided that it would be a good idea to erect a gigantic, impressionistic canoe floating through giant multi-coloured bull rushes. It is incredibly ugly and it's quite amusing to listen to the comments of 'why on earth would they do that?' from the tourists.