Saturday 7 May 2011

Awesome Award

This rather engaging fellow was an unexpected surprise from Tina at Life is Good.

I'm delighted to accept and would encourage you to take a look at her blog; she has a way with words!

Of course awards always come with rules and the rules attached to this one say I have to pass it on to six bloggers who I find 'awesome'. Eeeep! That means I have to CHOOSE!!! And that means I will have to leave some people out! O'eck! That's hard!!

First instinct; follow the example of awesome blogger Cheryl @ Deckside Thoughts! Cheryl wouldn't dream of following the rules just because someone said she ought to. She'd say

"Why the hell should I?" 

I suppose I could always give it to Cheryl and see what she does with it - but Tina beat me to it!!!


Think again!

OK. I'm going to do a semi Cheryl and just award this to one person. After all, I'm reckoning that you aren't going to have heaps of spare time to trawl through six new blogs; no matter how brilliant I think they are, so  I'm going to stick with one.

Looooooooooooong pause here while I decide WHICH one!

Decision made:

Alan from News from Nowhere, because he is a master wordsmith and has a fascinating line in randomness!
But honestly, I have a collection of blogs listed on my sidebar and they are the ones I try to read every time they post - because I think they are worth reading! If you want another five, take your pick!
Meanwhile, normal service will be resumed tomorrow :)


  1. Congrats on the puppy! Didn't realize there was one waiting for me. Eek! My bad.

    You are awesome in so many ways. I heart you and your blog. Don't mistake my absence as anything but a little bit of life being crazy these days.

    Time to go visit Alan because I love his comments here.

  2. I loved the manner in which you accepted and passed on this award, H :) You get 10/10 for ingenuity, humility and I think Alan is a deserving recipient, so congratulations to both of you :)

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing what's up next, post-wise :)

  3. Ah, thanks. I can think of no more welcome praise than praise from a fellow blogger whom I hold in such high regard.

  4. Congratulations on your award - it is well deserved! Right, I'm off to look at News from Nowhere now:)