Tuesday 24 May 2011

Sunset over Alport Heights

Mark was home for a couple of days in early May. We went out to do some stuff and found ourselves fairly close to Alport Heights, so he asked if we could drive up and take a look at the gritstone pillar he had climbed when he was about 15. He wanted to see just how idiotic he really had been.

His final verdict was that it was a semi-idiotic thing to have done; but pretty 'ballsy'.

This time, I wasn't worried at all!

And we hung around to watch a rather glorious sunset!

(Enough chit-chat. I'll leave you in peace to enjoy it too!)


Happy Birthday Ben :)


  1. If you chopped it down and moved it to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park it would not look out of place.

  2. Mark's final verdict made me chuckle. Ahhh that sunset is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. I am so disappointed. As I scrolled down these glorious sunset pictures, I was anticipating the sun going down behind the horizon, in the wild, wild west; and it never happened. Then I realized it wasn't a movie...
    I have memories from Alport village. As a boy my friend and I cycled there for a holiday. We mowed a field to play cricket. There was a lady who just had her 18th child. And in the winter, helicopters came to drop supplies when the roads blocked with snow.

  4. Definitely aaaaahhhh. Isn't doing semi-idiotic things what real life is all about? If not, please don't burst my bubble. :-D

  5. Ah yes - beautiful indeed!
    I`ll have to post a photo of our sunset one day - right into the ocean it goes - spectacular!

  6. An amazing sunset :-) I'll have to visit just to climb that gritstone pillar!