Monday 16 May 2011

The Bonnie Prince

Diversion over. Back to 'proper' posting :)

Behind Derby Cathedral, in the grassed open area on Full Street, stands a statue to mark the significance of the Jacobean, Bonnie Prince Charlie, who marched through Derby on his way to challenge for the English throne. Unfortunately for him, his campaign was never to meet with success and stopped short at Swarkestone Bridge, just a few miles south of here.

He does look very dashing, doesn't he!

I believe there is some significance to the horse having one hoof raised (apart from the fact that it looks more aesthetically pleasing). I think that one raised hoof is meant to indicate that the soldier was wounded in battle, but survived; two means that he died in battle and all four hooves on the ground signify that he survived all battles and died peacefully. Does anyone know whether this is truth of myth please? I know that the Bonnie Prince didn't die in battle. He died in Rome on 31st Jan 1788. I've searched a while, but I can find no reference to him being wounded in any of his campaigns.


Turning away from the Bonnie Prince, there is an alley which runs alongside the cathedral, between Full Street and Irongate. It is not especially appealing of itself, but it does give good views of the Cathedral and it goes by the amusing name of Amen Alley. The only reason I can find being given for the name is the proximity of the alley to the cathedral.


  1. They had that 'fact' on QI once and said it was indeed a myth!
    Lisa x

  2. I have been paying fleeting visit the past week or and when I managed to snag a bit of time. I did not linger long enough to comment...hence my apparent absence. I'm trying to do some catching up now...been over to Jenny's blog in addition to a couple of others already this morning...I'll be back to comment more fully this evening. Meantime, I hope you and your family are all well and making the most of your spring weather and the exquisite gardens with which England is so blessed!

  3. I always wondered whether it's true about the statues. Thanks for the clarification Lisa :-)

  4. I never read anywhere that the bonnie prince was injured so I guess it is to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. It is an attractive statue. I love the room setting in the museum about the Prince and the rebellion too:)

  5. Trying again to leave a comment - blogger keeps knocking me off. Just wanted to say that an ancestress was in his entourage - according to family lore.

  6. Funny how BPC looks a bit like Q Elizabeth

  7. Oh, I'd have been in his entourage!

    As to hols, I stayed in Braithwaite near Keswick but travelled all over the place.