Friday 20 May 2011

HRH Queen Victoria

A few weeks back, when I posted about the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Pondside asked if I had a photo of the statue of Queen Victoria. I didn't, but now I have - sort of.

The DRI is being redeveloped and the section where Queen Victoria stands is all fenced off. I had to try from the street; over a high wall/hedge; with trees which have been allowed to overgrow during the redeveloping.


With a bit of timing, waiting for the breeze to blow in the right direction to move the leaves just a fraction, this was the best I could manage.

Michael reckons the Bonnie Prince resembles Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Victoria is a different matter entirely!


  1. We are amused...

    Given the difficulties of access the photographs are very effective.

    The two close-ups showing the skills of the sculptor / bronze foundry and the framing by the fresh green leaves, to me, sets off the older greenish tinge of the bronze.

    and the longer shot somehow carries a sort of "lost Empire" feel.

    I like them =D

  2. Good lord! It actually looks like her! What a great piece!!

  3. Talk about the tenacity of a photographer! Well done, H, in overcoming the obstacle course to get these really lovely pictures of Her Majesty :)

  4. O it's fabulous!!!! GREAT job hanging in there for the perfect shot.

  5. How appropriate, as we here in Canada celebrate Victoria Day this weekend.