Saturday 14 May 2011

A wander around Derby Cathedral

While I was in the Cathedral Quarter, I took a stroll all round the outside of the cathedral to capture its different faces.

From Irongate...

From the open ground on Full Street..

...and from Amen Alley.

Here, you can see the peregrine falcon nesting platform which was installed five years ago. Each spring, a pair of peregrines has raised chicks here. Although the peregrines weren't obliging me with a photo call, they are there again and on Monday, about 7 hours before these photos were taken, the eggs began to hatch! By the tenth, three chick births were confirmed. The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project blog follows their progress.

If you want to see how they are getting on, the webcam is here.


  1. Some really nice shots of the Cathedral :) Not sure why but I think I most like the one taken from Amen Alley.

    I wonder, do they have a sign saying "No Hawkers!" ?

    But I'm still not sure how you can even contemplate climbing the steps to the top of the tower, let alone abseiling off the edge.

  2. I think I like the first one best, though choosing is hard! What a neat project to raise the peregrines there. When I have time, I'm heading over there to check it out.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  3. Lovely sunny day adds to the photos. I like the first and the third ones best.

  4. That's a very handsome cathedral, H. Had a glance at the chicks too.

    [Glad you figured out my subway shot... that's what made it fun, don't you think? :-D]

  5. What an elegant building!
    I had a look at the nest - I'd have vertigo!

  6. Must visit again. When we last visited we didn't have long to look inside as there was a wedding later on that day and preparations were being made. Glad to see the peregrines have returned again this year:)

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I have a think for old cathedrals. Your pictures really bring out the lovely details.